Prairie and Fashion in the same sentence? You heard me right.

Let’s be honest here, Saskatchewan is no Milan. A stroll down Broad and Albert is nothing like a stroll down the 9th arrondissement in Paris. Beyond the staggering difference that you would not want to take a stroll down Broad in the revolting -50 wind chill that graces us 9 months out of the year, what do these locations actually have in common you may ask? Fashion. You may have guessed that Saskatchewan is NOT the first place in Canada one may choose to do his or her shopping, in fact most people in our province hop across a boarder or two to Toronto or Calgary. With Fashion Week around the corner celebrating its 4th year in operation in Saskatchewan its time the people of our province are introduced to the unique shopping we have right here at home. Don’t stop reading here! I know EXACTLY what you’re thinking, snob-ville filled, hoity-toity, and country club, better have money… STOP. The fashion industry is intimidating for most, even for those who do keep tabs with the latest trends and designers. Fear not my fellow Saskatchewanian, we are well known in this province for our wholesome and welcoming demeanors and in fact it carries through over into the Saskatchewan Fashion Industry. We are full of talented, and ambitious hair stylists, makeup artists and designers who want nothing more than to share with you, and the world their creations. The fashion week launch party, mixers and the main event itself are open to anyone, you do not have to be someone known to the industry, and in fact newbies are encouraged to go! It’s really a great opportunity to see what we offer as far as designers and retailers, for any size, taste, or style of fashion and design.  OK, so I probably haven’t convinced you yet that Saskatchewan is the next Fashion capital of Canada… but I have a plan, Over the next few months leading up to Fashion Week [ May 7th -9th 2015 ], I will bring the designers, artists and stylists to YOU. Subscribe, Link, and Share with any sentient being you know, as I tour around the province interviewing and introducing the local designers, photographers, makeup + hair artists that are available to you, your friends and your family. Let’s save you some gas money or a plane ticket, and see why supporting our local businesses benefit you in more ways than one… If you have suggestions of places you’d like to know more about, questions, comments, concerns… Please do not hesitate to email via the side tab.

“Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it’s always tea time.” Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland


On Pins and Needles
Is it tea time yet?
Is it tea time yet?

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